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My Favorite Counted Cross Stitch Designs

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Love Counted Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is One of My Favorite Hobbies

Counted Cross Stitch
Mini Quilt Pattern
I've been doing counted cross stitch since childhood. My grandmother suggested it after several failed attempts at crochet.

Most of my cross stitch designs have been created as gifts for friends and family, but I do have a few samples to share.

The mini-quilt design shown here is one of more than 30 cross stitch quilts fashioned from leftover scraps of Aida cloth and odd remnants of embroidery floss. I love small projects like this because they're easy to tote around and work on almost anywhere.

I usually have at least one large and one small cross stitch project in the works. My large project (sea shells) has been in progress since the early 1990s!

Several of my close friends are also into cross stitch, and it's fun to share new patterns and ideas. Why not try a small project on for size. You'll be making personalized gifts for your friends and family in no time.

Welcome Friends Counted Cross Stitch
Purple grape clusters accent this charming welcome sign, which makes a wonderful housewarming gift. Kit contains cotton thread, 14-count beige Aida cloth, thread palette, needle, and instructions. When finished, the piece measures 10 by 14 inches and is ready to frame.

What is Counted Cross Stitch?
Counted cross stitch is a form of embroidery, generally done on an evenweave fabric known as Aida cloth. Aida cloth is widely available in many colors and sizes.

I use different sizes for different projects. My mini quilts were done on scraps of 16-count aida cloth. If you count the stitches, you’ll find that there are 16 across each square design. Hence, each square measures one inch.

In counted cross stitch, X-shaped stitches are made with one or more strands of embroidery floss to form a design. I used two strands from my palette for the X-stitches on my mini quilts, then outlined each square with one strand of gray.

You really do count stitches as you go, so some degree of concentration is involved during more intricate portions of a cross stitch design.

For beginners, there are designs already printed onto fabric. The stitcher simply makes X stitches of the appropriate color over the printed pattern.

Welcome Butterfly Counted Cross Stitch
Here's a simple and quick project that's designed especially for beginners. Kit contains cotton thread, 14-count white Aida cloth, 6-inch plastic hoop, needle, and easy instructions.

The Mayflower Quarterly
The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

In the United States, the earliest known cross-stitch sampler is currently housed at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The sampler was created in 1653 by Loara Standish, the daughter of Captain Myles Standish.

Livermore Valley Wine Country
Counted Cross Stitch Designed by Joan Beiriger
Livermore California Joan Beiriger
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

Livermore Valley Wine Country
I made this for my mother from a counted cross stitch kit designed by artist Joan Beiriger. The montage features the entrance gate at Concannon Vineyard, City Hall, a Totem Pole, the Train Station, St. Michael’s Church, the Post Office, old Carnegie Library, the Downtown Livermore Flag Pole, and a cowboy, which represents the Livermore Rodeo.

Counted Cross Stitch
Counted Cross Stitch
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

Counted Cross Stitch Kit
These cuddly bears have all the moves—jog, stretch, touch toes, arm rotations, jump rope. I made this from a cross stitch kit back when I was teaching aerobics. My instructor friends each received a personalized bear, matted and framed.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Vintage Design Cross Stitch Pattern
Counted Cross Stitch
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
I love black cats, and have done several cross stitch projects featuring them. This design is based on a silhouette from more than a century ago, a vintage pattern discovered in one of my many cross stitch books.

Mini Quilts in Counted Cross Stitch
Created with Leftover Floss and Aida Cloth Remnants
Counted Cross Stitch
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

How to Use Up Odds and Ends of Fabric and Floss
This particular project went on for years. I found some of the designs in craft books, then designed a few myself. Here are the quilts I kept. Several more were made into smaller samplers for friends. This collection is usually framed, but it’s been in storage and the quilts have shifted a bit. I’ll be remounting them on a new board before framing it again.

Sea Shells
Counted Cross Stitch
Counted Cross Stitch
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

Sea Shells in Progress
My stepson’s bathroom is decorated with my sea shell collection, so I’d like to finish this for him someday. He wasn’t even born when I started this project in the early 1990s. All of the large shells are done. Guess I'm lazy!

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