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How Not To Look Old by Charla Krupp

Charla Krupp's Fast and Effortless Ways to Look ...

Charla Krupp How Not to Look Old
How Not to Look Old
Ladies ... are you still wearing oversized blazers, shoulder pads, flannel shirts, or three-piece suits with vests? Does your lingerie drawer include granny undies or stockings with reinforced toes? Do you hit the streets wearing acid-washed jeans, cargo pants, or overalls?

If so, you're screaming OLD LADY to the world!

Looking YOUNGER & HIPPER isn't about vanity—it's about a woman's personal and financial survival in our youth-obsessed culture. Why should you throw in the towel and age gracefully when a few simple beauty and style tweaks can take ten years off your face, your body, and your looks?

As a vibrant and attractive woman over 40, beauty editor and style expert Charla Krupp couldn't relate to any of the "mature woman" beauty books on the market, so she decided to write one herself. How Not to Look Old is a survival guide for women who've come to the conclusion that "aging sucks!"

Charla Krupp
Our looks and our self-esteem are inextricably wired. You need to invest time and money and interest in you, because if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good about yourself. And if you don’t look and feel good on a daily basis, no one close to you is going to feel good either!

About Author Charla Krupp

Charla Krupp How to Never Look Fat Again
How to Never Look Fat Again
What was meant to be a fun page about beauty is now marred by sadness. Charla Krupp died of breast cancer on January 23, 2012. In magazines, on television, and with two best-selling books, Charla Krupp sought to help women feel better about their looks.

During her long and successful career, she appeared in more than 130 style segments on the Today show. Charla shared fashion advice on dozens of national television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Dateline NBC, and Good Morning America.

She also made regular appearances on the E! Channel and the Home Shopping Network. Earlier in her journalism career Charla worked as an editor at Glamour and In Style, establishing herself as an expert in beauty and style.

Charla loved beauty, but was down-to-earth and unpretentious. She was intensely private about her illness, and many were shocked to hear of her untimely passing. Charla Krupp will be missed.

Charla Krupp
If you have any doubts about the “Look Good, Feel Better” connection, volunteer at a women’s organization such as Bottomless Closet or Dress for Success and see how a new outfit can make a down-and-out woman suddenly feel optimistic and hopeful about her future.

Charla's Top 10 Tips
Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Put on Pink Lipstick
WHAT'S OUTDark Lipstick, Lipstick Bleeding Into Fine Lines, Cracked Lips, Thin Lips, Obvious Lip Liner, Overly Matte Lipstick, Obviously Fake Plumped Lips

WHAT'S INShimmery Pink Lips, Lip Liner Just Where You Need It, Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Lip Plumper, Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, MAC Tinted Lipglass Pink Nouveau

Charla's Picks for Shimmery Pink Lips

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Lift Your Boobs
WHAT'S OUTSaggy Breasts, Massive Breasts, Squished Together Breasts, A Uniboob, Lace Show-Through, Nipple Show-Through, Poking Underwires, Scratchy Bras

WHAT'S INProperly Supported Breasts, Smooth Breasts, Rounded Breasts, Le Mystere Renaissance Dream Tisha Bra, Playtex "Thank Goodness It Fits" Light Lined SoCup Bra, Fashion Forms Gel Petals, Fashion Forms Strap Mate

Charla's Picks for Properly Supported Breasts

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Wear Thongs
WHAT'S OUTVisible Panty Lines, Visible Thong Exposure, Granny Pants, Girdle Legs

WHAT'S INLow-Rise Panties, Microfiber Thongs, Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thongs, Jeanious Thongs by Barely There, Sexy Bra & Panty Sets, Drop-Dead Sexy Lingerie

Charla's Picks for a Smooth Look

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Nuke the Nude Hose
WHAT'S OUTThick, Flesh-Colored Panty Hose, Stockings With Reinforced Toes, Stockings With Sandals, White Stockings, Seamed Stockings, Hairy Legs, Flaky Legs, Pale Legs, Nasty-Looking Veins

WHAT'S INOpaque Tights, Fishnet Stockings, Sheer Black Hose, Spanx Control Top Fishnets, Wolford's Velvet De Luxe Tights, Leg Makeup, Michael Kors Leg Shine, St. Tropez Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Charla's Picks for Sexy Legs

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Wear Your Own Nails
WHAT'S OUTRed Nail Polish, Fake Nails, Dragon-Lady Nails, Ridged Nails, Discolored Nails, Age Spots on Your Hands, Veiny Hands, Bony Hands

WHAT'S INNatural Looking, Squared Oval Nails, Sheer Pink or Beige Nail Color, OPI Nail Lacquer Pink-Ing of You, Brightly Painted Toe Nails, L'Oreal Paris PRO Manicure, Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquers, Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Hand Treatment

Charla's Picks for Natural Looking Nails

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Step Into Sexy Heels
WHAT'S OUTUgly Orthopedic Shoes, Wearing Gym Sneakers Outside the Gym, Boring Classic Pumps, Shoes You Can't Walk In, Out-of-Style Shoes, Sensible Shoes, Your Daughter's Ugg Boots

WHAT'S INSexy Pumps by Stiletto Masters Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, Fashionable, Comfortable Shoes by Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Aerosoles, Easy Spirit, and Naturalizer, Foot Petals Stiletto Survival Kit

Charla's Picks for Fashionable, Comfortable Footwear

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Lose the Heavy Eyeliner
WHAT'S OUTThick, Black Eyeliner, Cracked Liquid Liner, Liner That is Not Well Blended, Liner Inside Your Lower Lashes, Too-Bright Eye Shadow, Glittery Eye Shadow, Overly Matte Eye Shadow

WHAT'S INSoft and Natural Eyeliner, Christian Dior Crayon Eyeliner Pencil, Prescriptives Softlining Pencil, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner, Shiseido Fine Eyeliner, Styli-Style Eye Pencil

Charla's Picks for Soft and Natural Eyeliner

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Chic up Your Eyewear
WHAT'S OUTDated Frames, Boring Frames, Frames that Droop Downward, Metal Rims, Rimless Glasses, Half-Glasses, Eyeglass Necklaces, Bifocals, Coke-Bottle Lenses, Squinting, Flea Market Sunglasses

WHAT'S INA Wardrobe of Eye Fashions, Slightly Upturned Frames, Department Store Reading Glasses, Sexy Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, LASIK Surgery

Charla's Picks for Gorgeous Eye Fashions

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Whiten Your Teeth
WHAT'S OUTYellow Teeth, Gray Teeth, Stained Teeth, Small Teeth, Receding Gums, Teeth that are Too Straight Across, Too Many Silver Fillings

WHAT'S INA Big, White Movie-Star Smile, Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush, Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste and Rinse, Colgate Total Toothpaste, ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, Crest Whitestrips

Charla's Picks for a Movie Star Smile

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
Slip Into the Right Pair of Jeans
WHAT'S OUTElastic Waistbands, Mommy Jeans, High-Rise Jeans, Faded Jeans, Baggy Jeans, Embellished Jeans, Flashing Your Thong, Exposing Your Love Handles, Too-Tight Jeans, Jeans with Gym Sneakers, Your Daughter's Jeans

WHAT'S INDark Denim Boot-Cut Jeans, Custom-Made Jeans at Earnest Cut & Sew Shop in NYC, Gap 1969 Perfect Boot Jeans, Levi Strauss Signature Jeans from Target ($20), Gap, Lee, and Levi's Jeans Under $50

Charla's Picks for Flattering, Comfortable Jeans

Charla Krupp
My whole focus is about the workplace. It's not about getting a man, or holding on to your relationship. Of course, it spills over. But my focus is for the Boomer woman who is finding herself looking older than everybody else at work, and realizing that she's very vulnerable.

Forbidden Fashion Items (Age 30+)
Charla Says These Accessories Shout "Too Young!"

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
  • Collegiate sweats, T-shirts, and caps

  • Crocs (out of the garden)

  • Multiple ear piercings

  • Colored cowboy boots

  • Tie-dye anything

  • Ankle bracelets

  • Hair scrunchies

  • Go-Go boots

  • Neon tights

  • Toe Rings

Charla Krupp How Not to Look Old

These Items Have Just Gotta Go ...
Charla Says to Rid Your Closets of these "Old Lady" Trappings

Charla Krupp How Not To Look Old
  • Holiday sweaters with bells, reindeers, teddy bears, bumblebees, pumpkins, etc.

  • Granny or mommy necklaces that tell how many grandchildren/children you have

  • Photo handbags (no matter how cute the kids!)

  • Bearlike, full-length fur coats

  • T-shirts with funny sayings

  • Thin-gold-chain necklaces

  • Penny loafers

  • Baggy sweats

  • Muumuus

  • Backpacks

Charla Krupp
The point is, if you’ve been outlining your lips the same way since college, you’re past overdue for a change. And throughout the book, you’ll find “The Newer Way To …” do everything to make you look modern, not stale.

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