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How to Repair Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Paper Illusion Wallpaper Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Have you ever tried to repair traditional wallpaper? Take it from me, it's not fun. That's why I fell in love with Paper Illusion wallpaper. Not only is it easy to apply, it's super easy to repair with simple tools that you're likely to have on hand.

Paper Illusion wallpaper is the only paper wall covering product I use in our home. I learned my lesson the hard way while remodeling my previous home with standard wallpaper and encountering a 3-inch gap at the bottom of a crooked wall. Sadly, my beautiful (and pricey) frescoed wallpaper had to be scrapped.

When I mentioned this to a friend who worked in interior design, she told me about a "tearable" wallpaper that was applied in layers. That was my introduction to PaperIllusions wallpaper by Village, now re-branded as Paper Illusion wallpaper.

I was able to cover the crooked wall with no problem, and it held up beautifully for many years. I chose to remove the paper when preparing the home for sale, favoring a more subdued palette. The layers of paper were easy to remove, using just a spray of warm water and a plastic scraper.

The house I live in now was built in 1926 and several of our rooms and closets are covered in Paper Illusion wallpaper, which I applied myself. The product holds up well, but inevitably there are signs of wear and tear in any home.

Recently one of our "foster" kitties was chasing a bug and made quite a mess of the hallway. You can see his handiwork here. Let me show you how easy it is to make a Paper Illusion wall look as good as new.

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Script Illusion Pomegranate
Hallway Repair

The wall shown here is covered in Script Illusion pomegranate. This is a busy hallway and occasionally a piece will loosen or detach. In this case, our mischievous kitty attacked the wall in a couple of spots. The damage shown here is about 12 inches from the floor and required two Paper Illusion patches.

The yellow underneath is an old traditional wallpaper liner that remained after I tore down the wallpaper about 8 years ago. I then applied Paper Illusion wallpaper directly over the liner. This was a huge time saver, as the walls did not require stripping.

I repaired this wall in just a few minutes by following three simple steps. No special tools were required. I used a bowl of lukewarm water and a sponge to make the wall look as good as new.

The Three-Step Application Process is Simple: Tear, Dip, and Apply!

TEAR - First, I tore several pieces of wallpaper into irregular shapes.

DIP - Next, I placed one of the pieces in a bowl of lukewarm water. It's a good idea to wear protective gloves while handling wallpaper, since substrates can be irritating. Even for a simple fix like this, I opted to wear disposable lightweight gloves. I let the paper soak for a few minutes, then let it set outside the bowl for 30 seconds or so. That gives the glue a chance to thicken a bit.

APPLY - I placed the piece on the wall and blotted it with a sponge. One nice thing about layered paper is that you have several minutes to move pieces around if you don't like the way it looks. After the pieces were applied to all sections of the wall, I used a dry washcloth to blot excess water and smooth out wrinkles and rough edges.

Paper Illusion Script Illusion Pomegranate
This is the Style and Color Used in the Hallway

Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Paper Illusion Repair Tools
Bowl of Lukewarm Water, Plastic Gloves, Sponge, Washcloth

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Step 1: Tear Pieces of Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Step 2: Dip a Piece of Paper in Bowl of Water

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Step 2: Allow the Wallpaper Piece to Soak for a Few Minutes

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Step 3: Use a Sponge to Gently Blot Wallpaper Piece Into Position

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Step 3: Use a Dry Washcloth to Smooth Paper and Blot Excess Water

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Here's the Wall After Torn Section Was Repaired

Cobalt Script Paper Illusion
Available in Golden Slate, Parchment, Pomegranate, Cobalt

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
The Culprit, Bear ... Resting After His Latest Bug Hunt

Paper Illusion Wallpaper

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