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Create an Elegant Faux Finish with Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Paper Illusion Faux Finish Wallpaper

Most faux finishing projects involve layers and layers of paint, but with Paper Illusion wallpaper you can achieve beautiful, one-of-a-kind designer looks without the mess, fumes, and endless hours of tedious work. Faux finish wallpaper is also more durable and long-lasting than paint.

Are your walls cracked or uneven? Are they covered with outdated, unsightly paneling? No problem. Paper Illusion covers everything right up. It's also completely washable with a damp sponge or washcloth. If a section becomes stained or torn, all you have to do is patch over it with another piece.

The wallpaper is printed with a variety of faux finish effects, including Birdseye Maple, Travertine Marble, Florentine Marble, Hearthstone, and Script Illusion. Paper Illusion wallpaper is addicting. Once you get a successful project under your belt, you'll want to try more.

I've used several different colors and styles in my home, and the leftover pieces work well for small projects, like photo mattes and book covers. I've even transformed an ugly sink area into an elegant space with a bronze faux marble countertop.

Creating beautiful faux finishes on your walls and other flat surfaces has never been easier. The hardest part is picking out the paper, as there are so many beautiful colors and finishes to choose from.

Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple is available in several colors, including Tortoise, Mocha Glaze, Rose Bush, Pearl Oyster, Ashwood, Wild Sage, Burnished Teal, Copper Glow (shown), Plum Haze, and Midnight Gold.

Travertine Marble
Travertine Marble is available in several colors, including Potters Clay, Nutmeg (shown), Cream Caramel, Green Mist, and Hazelnut Cream.

Florentine Marble
Florentine Marble is available in several colors, including Sandstone (shown) and Cinnamon.

Hearthstone is available in several colors, including Fresco Green, Marsh Spruce, Toffee Crunch, River Rock (shown), and Pebble.

Script Illusion
Script Illusion is available in several colors, including Parchment, Pomegranate, and Golden Slate (shown).

You're the Designer with Paper Illusion Wallpaper
With Paper Illusion wallpaper, you won’t need special tools, and you can work in small increments of time. It’s an excellent DIY project for busy people. Kids can even help with some of the easier steps, like dipping and blotting. There is little clean up or prep time involved, so you can work at a pace that suits your busy schedule. Your friends won’t believe you transformed your walls yourself, and you won’t believe how easy it is.

Okay, so you’ve chosen your paper. What’s next? The process of applying Paper Illusion wallpaper involves three simple steps:

Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Step One: Tear
Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Tear Wallpaper Into Irregular, Stone Shaped Pieces
Start by tearing the paper into random, irregular shapes. I like to tear up a roll while watching television or sitting around with friends. I put torn pieces into two piles: one for those that have a straight edge, and one for those that don’t.

If you want your walls to have a veined look, let the underside of the paper show once in awhile. I do a little of both, depending on the color I’m using. For example, the Tuscan Red script paper shown here has a gray underside, which looks really pretty with the red colors. Some of the lighter colors have a white underside, which looks like grout when layered.

I’ve done walls with and without the underside showing, but you need to decide before you start tearing. It looks great either way, but you’re the designer. Do a few sample pieces before you tear up an entire roll. That way you can decide what looks best for your project.

Step Two: Dip
Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Dip Pieces into a Bowl or Tray of Warm Water
When you’re ready to begin, just dip a piece of the paper into warm water for a few seconds. Some of the older Paper Illusion kits included a plastic tray, but a bowl of water works just as well.

I change the water every half hour or so. You can start anywhere, but I typically begin at the top of a wall and work my way down and out. If you start at the top, begin with the pieces that have a straight edge.

Step Three: Apply
Paper Illusion Wallpaper

Apply Wet Pieces to Any Clean, Dry, Flat Surface, Slightly Overlapping the Edges
Now for the fun part. Apply the torn wet paper in an overlapping manner to any clean, dry surface. You can even use Paper Illusion wallpaper over paneling as long as the grooves are 1/4″ or less in width.

Once you’ve overlapped and positioned your piece of wet paper, just use a smoothing tool to press it into place and a damp sponge to remove excess water. That’s all there is to it. Just keep applying the paper until your surface is completely covered. I usually work for an hour or so at a time, take a break, then go back to it.

As you can see, I like to wear gloves when applying wallpaper. Some of the chemicals in the glue can be irritating to the skin.

Paper Illusion Patented Faux Finish Wallpaper
The Fun, Easy, Goof-Proof Way to Faux Finish Your Home

Paper Illusions Faux Finish Wallpaper Samples
8 by 10-inch Sample (Discontinued Wallpaper)

Hallway Project
Script Illusion in Tuscan Red

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Script Illusion Tuscan Red
One of my favorite Paper Illusion styles is Script Illusion. Our hallway was covered with dreary, yellowed wallpaper that dated back several decades. My least favorite home improvement project is removing old wallpaper. On top of being messy, it wastes hours that could be spent doing something more creative and constructive.

In this case, I was able to simply peel off the wallpaper and leave the liner. Then I papered over the liner with Tuscan Red Script Illusion. Regular wallpaper would have been problematic since I needed to accommodate six doors and a built-in cabinet in the hallway. I was working seven days a week at the time, so the project took about a month to complete.

I used the same paper in a bedroom closet that had decaying, boldly striped wallpaper from the 1920s. I decided not to strip this paper, since I wasn’t sure what was underneath, but the Paper Illusion wallpaper adhered beautifully. Also, because Tuscan Red is such a rich color, the striped paper was completely camouflaged. I was sure we’d have to panel the closet in wood, so Paper Illusion definitely saved the day. This color is now called Script Illusion Pomegranate.

Kitchen Project
Travertine Illusion in Terra Cotta

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Travertine Illusion Terra Cotta
Our final major home remodeling project will be our kitchen (circa 1926). In the meantime, a quick, inexpensive fix was needed to update the walls, which were covered with tacky, pink-flowered wallpaper.

To prepare the walls, I tore down the paper and left the liner. Paper Illusion pieces were then applied directly over the liner with no problems. The cracked ceiling was an eyesore, and also included a badly beat up vent. The ceiling is also covered in Paper Illusion and blends seamlessly with the walls.

I’ll almost be sad to see the paper on the walls and ceiling torn down. The pattern we chose is Travertine Illusion Terra Cotta, which has been discontinued. It’s now called Travertine Marble Potters Clay.

Breakfast Room Project
Hearthstone in Marsh Spruce (Fresco Green)

Paper Illusion Wallpaper
Hearthstone Marsh Spruce
Paper Illusion is not your typical wallpaper. Unlike regular rolls of wall coverings, you don't need to match seams or line up patterns. Pieces are torn into random shapes and overlapped to create beautiful and unique patterns. Inevitable stains and tears are easy to patch, which adds years of life to your home decorating project. Creating stylish, one-of-a-kind faux finishes in your home has never been easier.

The simple three-step process involves tearing, dipping, and applying the paper to your surface. Most faux finishes require hours of preparation, special application tools, smelly chemicals, and an artist's touch. You can achieve the same trompe l'oeil results with Paper Illusion wallpaper, and you do the work at your own pace.

The paper is available in a number of faux finishes, including Birdseye Maple, Travertine Marble, Florentine Marble, Hearthstone, and Script Illusion. Choose from 24 wallpaper styles created by Blue Mountain Wallcoverings. There are still some PaperIllusion by Village designs available online. However, these wallcoverings are no longer produced, and sources will eventually dry up.

Faux finish wallpaper is durable and easy to repair. If a piece tears or gets stained, it's a simple matter of covering the damage up with a small piece of leftover paper. It's very easy to repair Paper Illusion wallpaper. I keep a small bottle of Elmer's Glue and a sponge handy for quick fixes. With a little care, the paper finish should hold up for at least 10 years.

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